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Dr. Gustavo's book Culture Trumps Everything.

Uncover the hidden force behind your decision-making with this Amazon bestseller

Culture impacts everything we do, even though we may never realize it. More powerful than personality, the cultures we belong to (our families, social groups, and our workplace) disproportionately drive our decisions, thoughts, and emotions. 

Leaders of organizations both big and small have the opportunity to shape their cultures in ways that foster positive outcomes not just for shareholders, but for employees, partners, suppliers, customers, and the community, too. If we want to ensure the best possible outcomes, we must focus on developing the cultures that foster success for all stakeholders, because culture trumps everything. 

Learn how to change company culture for the better by investigating the powerful ways in which behavioral norms, alternative corporate models, habit patterns, connectedness, trust, language, and time perspective, impact our organizations in this Amazon bestseller by Dr. Gustavo Grodnitzky. 

Required reading for all executives and CEOs

“This book nails the most fundamental platform for success...culture. Dr. Grodnitzky hit the main points in building a best in class organization. The combination of research and practicality make this book required reading for all executives and CEOs.” - Denise B.

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