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Beyond a mission statement: Your cause in 4 steps

How to define your business purpose to unlock performance

Learning how to write a mission statement isn’t enough. Create a cause that drives results.

Designed for leadership teams

Many businesses only focus on learning how to write a mission statement. They do a simple exercise, and the results are displayed on a website and forgotten. But without a true business purpose that is deeply interwoven with every aspect of their company, the team simply won’t reach peak performance. This is where cause statements come in: A cause drives actual behaviors, where a mission cannot (and does not).

Let’s tap into your team’s full potential and push performance into overdrive with Dr. Gustavo as your guide. Join this self-paced online professional development program to learn a proprietary process for defining your business purpose in a way that not only gives meaning to your work, but also integrates into every aspect of your organization to boost results at every level.


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Leadership teams


4 live weekly trainings and accountability sessions with Dr. Gustavo

Time Commitment:

4 hours total, plus time to create your own cause statement



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