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Beyond a Mission Statement - Your Cause in 4 Steps

How to define your business purpose to unlock performance
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Learning how to write a mission statement isn’t enough. Create a cause that drives results.

Designed for leadership teams 

Many businesses only focus on learning how to write a mission statement. They do a simple exercise, and the results are displayed on a website and forgotten. But without a true business purpose that is deeply interwoven with every aspect of their company, the team simply won’t reach peak performance. This is where cause statements come in: A cause drives actual behaviors, where a mission cannot (and does not).

Let’s tap into your team’s full potential and push performance into overdrive with Dr. Gustavo as your guide. Join this self-paced online professional development program to learn a proprietary process for defining your business purpose in a way that not only gives meaning to your work, but also integrates into every aspect of your organization to boost results at every level.

Key takeaways

Understand the primary drivers behind human (and, therefore, employee) motivation
Create your organization’s unique cause or purpose statement to attract like-minded talent and drive desired behaviors
Learn how to integrate this cause into every level of your organization so you can inspire employees and level-up performance


Note: Course participants receive lifetime access to course materials, including updates.

Who: Leadership teams

Duration: 4 self-paced online modules

Time Commitment: 4 hours total, plus time to create your own cause statement 

Investment: $2,500

Inspiring purpose-driven companies across the country and world

“An effective blend of education and practical, applicable information.”
– Janet Boudreau, Vistage Chair

Activate lasting change and better results by building purpose into everything you do