Culture Transformation Academy
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Culture Catalyst

How to Turn Your Workplace Culture into Your Competitive Advantage

Activate & optimize your workplace culture to boost performance, engagement, and revenue

Designed for leadership teams

Swiftly shifting marketplaces, unexpected regulatory changes, global pandemics...the challenges business leaders face seem to never end. But, with crisis comes opportunity. Will your team rise to the occasion and surpass the competition, or be passed by? This customized online program led by Dr. Gustavo can help your company not just survive, but thrive.

Culture Catalyst is the key to enhancing and unleashing your workplace culture so you can unlock employee performance and engagement, attract and maintain top-tier talent, accelerate revenue, and gain a competitive advantage. With Dr. Gustavo by your virtual side, you will gain the guidance and support needed to help your company navigate culture shifts and answer the question, “What is workplace culture, and how can I leverage it to transform my business?”

With interactive weekly modules, accountability sessions with Dr. Gustavo, and unlimited access to his consultation and feedback, you will have everything needed to transform your organizational culture in powerful, tangible ways that directly impact the bottom line.


Culture Catalyst provides your company with proven, step-by-step processes and tools for building a culture that boosts your business. This course is organized into engaging, on-demand training modules, in addition to weekly live Q&A sessions with Dr. Gustavo to celebrate successes, delve deeper into the lessons, and problem-solve your unique challenges. Culture Catalyst includes unlimited, one-on-one consultation and feedback with Dr. Gustavo.

Note: Course participants receive lifetime access to course materials, including updates, as well as a private, online community with other alumni. Ask us about the opportunity to bundle Culture Catalyst with one of Dr. Gustavo’s keynotes for effective resource application.


Leadership teams, up to 14 participants


2 sessions per week for 8 weeks

Time Commitment:

2 hours per week (1 hour for virtual module, 1 hour for an accountability session + live Q&A)



Participants agree: Culture Catalyst is a game-changer

“Our leadership team went through the Culture Catalyst program and the team performance noticeably improved just weeks into the program. The tools and techniques offered through CC are now actively used throughout our organization. Open and honest conversations are leading to a completely different energy throughout the team. This course is worth the investment.”
– Michael Brennan, President and CEO of Great Western Brewing Company Limited

It’s time to supercharge your greatest resource: your workplace culture