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Culture Trumps Everything

Cultivate your company culture to help your people and profits flourish

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Mediocre or poor-performing employees cost companies billions of dollars each year. Poor performance is usually attributed to an employee’s personality, motivation, and/or skill set. However, within the field of psychology, we’ve learned that context is a better predictor and controller of behavior than individual attributes. Inside an organization, this “context” is what we also refer to as “company culture.” Culture trumps everything, and it must be nourished to flourish.

Learning how to improve company culture is very much like tending to a garden and helping it bloom, versus leaving it unattended or letting pesky intruders ruin it. This is also the difference between working in a business and working on it. Join Dr. Gustavo to work on your business with this experiential presentation or workshop on how to improve your company culture. By the end of the session, your audience will walk out with the inspiration and actionable steps needed to develop a team of goal-oriented, performance-driven, collaborative employees.

Dr. Guztavo

Key takeaways

Understand the profit paradox, classic capitalism vs. social capitalism, and their implications
Learn why a strong organizational culture is your business’ #1 asset
Identify the steps for creating a culture of success, and learn how to create the four factors which predict positive results in organizations

By the end of this presentation, your audience will leave energized and armed with a specific culture action plan that they can reference every day. The plan will outline what steps are required, strategically and tactically, to implement their "culture factors" for organizational success, as well as individual measures to maximize employee performance.

Available formats

Keynote presentation

An insightful, inspiring presentation focused on introducing the topic and encouraging action so your audience can achieve their goal or roll out a new initiative.

Typical timeframe: 60-90 minutes

Half-day workshop

Our most popular format: a highly interactive working session that shares the same information in the keynote presentation, then facilitates the development of an actionable strategic plan with specific steps to begin applying what your audience has learned. Includes a digital workbook to guide implementation.

Typical timeframe: 2.5-3 hours

Full-day workshop

Includes all of the information and exercises of the half-day sessions and the creation of detailed strategic plans (including timeframes, objectives, and accountabilities) for transforming new information into long-term action and results, as well as a 90-day accountability check-in with leaders and participants to discuss progress and resolve stumbling blocks.

Typical timeframe: 6 hours (3 hours before lunch + 3 hours after lunch) + post-workshop follow up

5-star reviews from participants around the world

“The energy and content Gustavo provided were excellent...The relevance and depth of the presentation spoke to real-world issues that face all of us in business leadership roles. Well done and interactive to keep people engaged.”
– Workshop participant

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