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Trust: The Coin of the Realm

How to build trust in the workplace to support employee performance, health, and happiness

Designed for keynotes, conferences, and events geared toward leadership teams and employees

Recent research found that high-trust companies have happier and healthier employees, higher productivity and profitability, more collaboration, better quality of work, and higher retention. People at high-trust companies also experience fewer problems with chronic stress and report being happier with their lives. These are all factors that lead to higher engagement and performance.

In a business environment, trust is the coin of the realm. Yet a global CEO survey done by PwC recently revealed that half of CEOs believe lack of trust in their organization is an existential threat. Clearly, many leaders recognize the problem, but they don’t know what to do about it. If your audience can relate, this workshop offers a solution: a proven strategy and method for how to build trust in your workplace. 

Key takeaways

Learn a science-based formula to build trust in a team
Identify tactical steps required to develop a culture of trust to guide behavior
Experience and apply the Vulnerability Paradox, and receive immediate, direct feedback from peers to build resilience in the face of vulnerable situations

By the end of this workshop, your audience will leave with an action plan containing strategic and tactical steps they can take to develop a culture of trust.

Available formats

Half-day workshop

Our most popular format: a highly interactive working session that shares the same information in the keynote presentation, then facilitates the development of an actionable strategic plan with specific steps to begin applying what your audience has learned. Includes a digital workbook to guide implementation.

Typical timeframe: 2.5-3 hours

Full-day workshop

Includes all of the information and exercises of the half-day sessions and the creation of detailed strategic plans (including timeframes, objectives, and accountabilities) for transforming new information into long-term action and results, as well as a 90-day accountability check-in with leaders and participants to discuss progress and resolve stumbling blocks.

Typical timeframe: 6 hours (3 hours before lunch + 3 hours after lunch) + post-workshop follow up

Keynote presentation (education only, no experiential exercise)

An insightful, inspiring presentation focused on introducing the topic and encouraging action so your audience can achieve your goal or roll out a new initiative. Includes a digital workbook to guide implementation.

Typical timeframe: 45-90 minutes

5-star reviews from participants around the world

“Gustavo utterly wowed my group. His content and delivery were fantastic, and he truly mastered the virtual format. His ability to draw out and engage members over Zoom made all the difference.”
– Member of Vistage, a mentoring organization for CEOs and business leaders

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