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Maximize Performance in the Multigenerational Workplace

Identify your “magnet factors” to attract and retain the best young talent

Designed for keynotes, conferences, and events geared toward all business audiences, including leaders, managers, and their employees.

For the first time in history, there are five generations in the workplace: Traditionalists, Baby Boomers, Generation X, Generation Y (also called Millennials), and Generation Z. Baby Boomers are exiting the workforce in droves, creating a vacuum in the workforce that Generations Y and Z will fill. This shift increases demand and competition for their talent while creating new challenges of working with a multigenerational team. 

How can companies attract and keep Gen Zs and Millennials in the workplace, as well as ensure team members of all ages work well together? Dr. Gustavo helps audiences uncover their company’s unique "magnet factors” (strengths that will be attractive to younger generations), navigate challenges they may face with recruiting and retention, and develop an action plan for success.  

Dr Gustavo speaking to a group

Key takeaways

Understand the key differences between generations in the workplace
Learn how every generation operates at work
Identify five "magnet factors" that will help attract and retain the best Gen Z and Millennials in the workplace

By the end of this presentation, your audience will have a clear understanding of their unique organizational "magnet factor” strengths, challenges with recruitment and retention, as well as immediate tactical steps they can take to overcome those obstacles and help employees across generations work better together.

Available formats

Keynote presentation

An insightful, inspiring presentation focused on introducing the topic and encouraging action so your audience can achieve their goal or roll out a new initiative. Includes a digital workbook to guide implementation.

Typical timeframe: 60-90 minutes

Half-day workshop

Our most popular format: a highly interactive working session that shares the same information in the keynote presentation, then facilitates the development of an actionable strategic plan with specific steps to begin applying what your audience has learned. Includes a digital workbook to guide implementation.

Typical timeframe: 2.5-3 hours

Full-day workshop

Includes all of the information and exercises of the half-day sessions and the creation of detailed strategic plans (including timeframes, objectives, and accountabilities) for transforming new information into long-term action and results, as well as a 90-day accountability check-in with leaders and participants to discuss progress and resolve stumbling blocks.

Typical timeframe: 6 hours (3 hours before lunch + 3 hours after lunch) + post-workshop follow up

5-star reviews from participants around the world

“Gustavo utterly wowed my group. His content and delivery were fantastic, and he truly mastered the virtual format. His ability to draw out and engage members over Zoom made all the difference.”
– Member of Vistage, a mentoring organization for CEOs and business leaders

Help your audience build a destination workplace where all generations thrive

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