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Generations Masterclass

How to attract & retain Millennials & Gen Zs?

Maximize the performance of Gen Z & Millennials in the workplace

Designed for leaders & managers of all levels 

Gen Y (Millennials) are stepping into critical leadership and decision-making roles, wanting to change the world and the organizations they are part of. Gen Z is surging with creativity, passion, and the drive to succeed. But what motivates, retains, and builds loyalty in these younger generations versus older generations in the workplace?

In this five-part, self-paced online course, learn how to engage the largest generation in today’s workforce — the future leaders of your company. Dr. Gustavo will teach you specific, concrete steps to motivate, compensate, attract, and retain these high-caliber recruits. Become a leading, destination workplace by understanding and leveraging Gen Zs and Millennials in the workplace.


*Note: Course participants gain access to bonus modules, relevant research, case studies, and reports, along with assessments to demonstrate participants’ progress and understanding.

Who: Leadership teams

Duration: 5 self-paced online modules (video, audio, and text-based content)*

Time Commitment: 1-2 hours per week (1 hour for virtual module and optional Q&A)

Investment: $997 for up to 10 users

Trusted by global business leaders and teams managing multigenerational workforces

“I came away with not only a greater understanding of Millennials, but the importance of the characteristics of every generation and how their generational differences impact how they work together. The course provides a strong compass to help your organization succeed as Gen Y becomes the primary workforce.”
– Kate Murphy, HR Coordinator, Humtown Products, Inc.

Future-proof your business by engaging tomorrow’s leaders, today